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Maybe many of you didn’t know that Project Free TV is actually one of the oldest free streaming sites and because we have some inside information we want to tell you the whole story of the giant streaming site PFTV starting from 2014 and up to present so you can see the latest news about Project.

The Beginnings of Project Free TV

The original ProjectFreeTV website was actually ”” and this domain has been registered for the first time in 2007 but we are not sure when the video streaming platform was put online because I doubt it was 2007 because it seems to be too early for the streaming sites. However, what we know clear is the fact that the original PFTV has been closed in 2015 from unknown reasons. Suddenly, the site deleted all its content and displayed only a short message: “Goodbye”.

For you to better understand how important ProjectFreeTV used to be for the niche of online streaming, immediately after the closing of PFTV in 2015, important sites like TorrentFreak wrote an article about it. It seems the hype for this streaming site was pretty big if we are looking at the 150 comments from visitors around the world, and all this on only one publication but at that time everybody from this industry wrote about the closure of ProjectFreeTV. It is clear that people were saddened by this news.

Something Happened Before The Closure

There is a thing thay many of you probably didn’t know, but back there in 2015 an interesting site has been created just 2 months before the original PFTV closed its doors for unknown reasons. This site was the second ProjectFreeTV and we don’t know who was behind this website but clearly had the perfect timing because launched this fresh website with 2 months before the closure of the original site.

This fact enormously helped the new PFTV because all the visitors and fans of the old site now were in need of a new place to watch their favorite tv shows everyday and who could do that better if not another ProjectFreeTV site? As you would expect, the new Project’s popularity started to increase a lot right in the day after the original one was closed and the massive success of the new site lasted 2 years.

Is Project Free TV Dead?

After years of popularity on ”” then another 2 years of massive success with the new ProjectFreeTV site, you are probably wondering what is happening in the present and what is the actual status of all the PFTV phenomenon. Well, it’s clear that in the meantime many people forgot about this website and moved on to other big streaming sites like 123Movies, PutLocker or FMovies or even to the paid streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu but we think there are still a few fans who miss the old PFTV and woud like it to come back.

ProjectFreeTV.Fun Seems To Be The Main Site Now

We watched closely what’s happening with the ProjectFreeTV since 2014 until now. Approximately one year ago, a new site has appeared in the first position in Google search for PFTV and that’s Unlike the old site, this one have a modern design and it seems the theme is the same one with 123Movies or other streaming sites but at least they used the orange/purple colors who consecrated PFTV. This new Project did a pretty good job and posted everyday the latest released episodes from many tv shows and even implemented a calendar section to bring back the style of the original PFTV. Many people loved this site and this is clear by looking at the fact they are no.1 in searches for a year.

Project Free TV :: 5 Best Alternatives

Project Free TV Rebranding in CipFlix

These days, ProjectFreeTV made a very unexpected announcement. It seems this old site is now going through a rebranding that has the target to revive the free streaming industry. PFTV says they are now moving to CipFlix website which is a brand new streaming site that we’ve never heard about before. CipFlix looks very good and promising and this move of ProjectFreeTV is making us very curious about what will happen next.

In the meantime while CipFlix begins his ascension into the world of online streaming, ProjectFreeTv.Fun will remain online and the best movies and series will still be available for watching but there will be no more updates on this site because their team decided to focus only on CipFlix, the new streaming site.

There are some rumors saying that ProjectFreeTV is working in the same time at a new PFTV site on the original domain but this time using .org top-level domain (TLD) :: Remains to be seen if these rumors are true and what will happen next with the old ProjectFreeTV brand.


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at 3:56 AM

I miss the project free tv AG site so much…Now i’m usign the Primewire site to have access on the newest episodes aired that i watch. Cipflix seems good, but need some time to see if is really the best option right now.